Project Description

Stijlvol Wonen — restyling & campaign

Stijlvol Wonen (Stylish Living) is the lifestyle magazine for natural, timeless interiors. A style for which no less than 60% of the Dutch and Belgian public claim to have a preference, making it high-time there was a branding campaign.
We began with a restyling of the magazine: new layout, new logo, new features. This made the magazine both higher quality and more recognizable on the shelf.

The campaign showed how Stijlvol Wonen transcends trends: ‘Why follow trends when you’ve got style’. Unique was the amount of media deployment (Outdoor, Print, Online, Radio), as well as the visibility in retail. It delivered impressive sales figures, with an index of 156 compared to the previous year. As Belgium-Netherlands Marketeer, I was responsible for the strategy up to and including execution.

Sanoma Media Belgium/Netherlands, February 2017.