Project Description

Audax retail formulas – marketing plans

Audax Group has a distribution network for print media, it has it’s own publishing company which reaches more than 3 million people a month, and they own different retail formulas existing of more than 1000 stores in the Netherlands. For these different retail formulas from Audax I wrote the marketing plans for 2020: For example; The Read Shop (172 stores), Plantage Bookstores (99 stores), Marskramer (43 stores), Toys2Play (8 stores).

A complex assignment because some of these retail formulas recently joined Audax. I’ve created a complete new business case to streamline the marketing plans for the various formulas into one fully elaborated whole.

Besides that I negotiated the deals for 2020 with different suppliers. And I created a new structure of advertising rates for the different formulas.

June – October 2019